The flush garage door has captured the imagination of homeowners from coast to coast who have embraced its clean lines, minimalist purity and modern design sensibilities along with its practicality and functional fluidity. A flush door from Centauri Door brings all the above qualities and more to the table and does so at a price that may surprise you. If you are in the market for a new garage door you owe it to yourself and your home to consider one of the flush garage doors from Centauri Door.

The Many Positive Attributes of the Flush Garage Door

The flush door is a quiet but undeniable statement that the homeowner is in possession of discerning tastes and a forward looking temperament. All of our flush door designs are built to the most rigorous quality standards and feature:

  • 26 gauge outer skins.
  • Sandwich construction with urethane foam cores.
  • Solid panel or stunning glass panel construction.
  • Bottom astragal of extruded aluminum for added durability.
  • A variety of dimensional options.

The Synthesis of Design and Function

Flush Garage DoorIt’s hard to know where the beauty of one of our flush garage doors ends and the functionality begins and that’s the way we like it. Our designers strive to achieve a synthesis of those two essential components of home design and continually push the envelope until the line becomes hopelessly blurred. When it comes to aesthetic options any of our flush doors are available in a dizzying variety of colours including our standard palette of:

  • Burnished Slate
  • Dark Green
  • White
  • Light Stone
  • Ash Gray

…plus our unique colours of Metallic and Copper and more than 500 custom colours.

But our flush garage doors are not only designed to be beautiful and capable they’re also long lasting, impact resistant, energy efficient and, in the case of our frameless glass garage doors, tinted to both enhance their visual appeal and guarantee your privacy.

The flush garage door, free of the stiles and rails of standard design motifs, has found its footing in the garage door market because it represents a clean break with the past that doesn’t require sacrificing all that makes most contemporary garage doors so safe and easy to use. They also work with your home’s exterior design motifs rather than overwhelming them or seeming incongruous.

The flush garage door by Centauri Door is more than the answer to your garage door wishes; it’s a door to the future inviting you to step through. Call us for more information.