Frameless glass garage doors represent the apex of garage door design sophistication. Clean lines and seamless construction work together to create a door of peerless beauty that is as safe as it is stunning. Available in a variety of reflective colours and sizes to fit any garage door opening the Centauri frameless glass garage door has set the bar for the rest of the industry to aspire to.

Some of the features of our frameless glass door include:

  • Top quality construction for durability and long life.
  • Resistance to typical environmental forces that can ruin a standard door.
  • No visible frame when viewed from the outside.
  • Shock resistant safety glass panels.
  • Top of the line hardware components.
  • Exceptionally low maintenance.
  • Quiet, silky smooth operation.

A Door to the Future: The Centauri Frameless Glass Garage Door

Frameless Glass Garage DoorsAt Centauri Door we took the measure of the garage door industry, determined to bring something new and exciting to the table. As a result our designers have created a line of frameless glass doors that will transform your home into the showcase of the neighbourhood while simultaneously adding extraordinary value. Available colours include:

  • Burnished Slate
  • Dark Green
  • White
  • Light Stone
  • Metallic
  • Ash Gray
  • Copper
  • And more than 500 custom colours

For those concerned about safety and privacy all glass panels are composed of shock resistant, tempered, long lasting privacy glass to protect your home’s inhabitants from impact damage and thwart prying eyes. Our durable glass panels won’t dent the way aluminum doors can and won’t rot or rust like wood or steel. If energy efficiency is on your mind rest assured that our glass panels demonstrate outstanding heat elimination capabilities that will help rein in energy costs.

Some of the other benefits of the Centauri Door glass garage doors include:

  • Enhanced safety – See who’s in the driveway before backing out.
  • Design flexibility – A plethora of custom colours and finishes.
  • Virtually maintenance free – The occasional cleaning is all they’ll require.
  • Curb appeal – Your home’s exterior profile will receive an immediate and substantial boost.

If, like many people, you’ve tired of the same old design and material offerings when it comes to garage doors your wait for a visually arresting yet safe and practical alternative is finally over. The Centauri Door frameless glass garage door represents nothing short of the long-awaited next step in the evolution of the garage door. Sleek, strong, efficient, quiet and smooth as silk our frameless glass door will have you wondering how you ever lived without one.