Glass garage doors have been around for some years but only recently begun to realize their full potential. Designers from Centauri have taken the often rudimentary glass doors previously available and applied cutting edge material, fabrication and most of all design concepts to it to create an all-new door that is as suitable at the front of a 5-star restaurant as it is on your home. Centauri glass garage doors express the timeless qualities of clean lines and quiet, effortless operation while enhancing your home’s exterior appearance and market value.

Bringing the Glass Garage Door in the New Millennium

Glass garage doors of the past had a certain visual clunkiness to them that more often than not undermined their aesthetic effectiveness. By contrast the flush, flawlessly smooth appearance of the Centauri glass garage door removes the awkwardness and distraction posed by heavily framed panels so that you can fully appreciate the way the lustrous surface works off of other elements of the home’s exterior.

Other features of our leading edge glass garage doors include:

  • Won’t rot or rust like wood or steel.
  • Impact resistant glass panels for safety and security
  • Top quality hinges, springs, rollers and more.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.

Centauri’s  Frameless & glass garage doors are a cut above in design and operational ease. Your new door will slide into the open position quickly and smoothly and return to closed without any of the rattling that often accompanies wooden, aluminum or steel doors.

Unparalleled Design Flexibility

Glass Garage DoorsWhether you’re using your new Centauri glass door to shelter your car, provide an elegant portal between your sun room and the garden or to create a cutting edge face for your trendy bistro on King Street West you’ll find there’s a configuration and finish that will provide exactly what you’re looking for. Our array of compelling tones includes Dark Green, Light Stone and Burnished Slate along with more than 500 custom colours and our own unique Copper and Metallic tones.

The Ultimate Garage Door

If what you seek is leading edge design, durable materials and a high degree of energy efficiency all wrapped up in a garage door that is virtually maintenance free and resistant to dents, dings and environmental degradation we at Centauri have the door for you. The future of garage doors is here today. Step through into a new world of beauty and reliability with a glass garage door from Centauri Door.


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