The word modern is often overused or misapplied but when it comes to the leading-edge flush garage door designs of Centauri Door the word and the product are a perfect match. With Centauri the modern garage door comes into full flowering as materials, fabrication methods and design combine to produce a door that’s as sculptural as it is functional. One which bears little resemblance to the rattle factories of the 1970s and 80s.

The Modern Garage Door Comes of Age

Turning something as utilitarian as a garage door into an expression of all that is good about modern design and construction techniques is a challenge many would shrink from, but not the designers at Centauri. They’ve dug deep into the knowledge base of industrial design and domestic architecture to craft a garage door that occupies the high ground of style and functionality. Here are just a few of the many Centauriges of our flush-style modern garage doors.

  • Enhanced safety profile: Wooden doors become susceptible to break-ins when they age. By contrast the impact resistant tempered glass on your new Centauri garage door will never rot or otherwise weaken and never present an easy target to a would be intruder.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Few things you could do to the exterior of your home will enhance its appeal like a stunning new flush garage door from Centauri. Your new door will work off every other aspect of your home’s design to produce a look that is more than the sum of its parts.
  • Low maintenance: Wooden and even steel garage doors need plenty of TLC lest they succumb to the elements. Our state of the art glass panel garage doors require nothing more than the occasional washing with some window cleaner and a soft cloth.

If you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to find a garage door to complement the exterior of your Mid-century Modern, Mansard, Wrightian or Formalist home have no fear. Your wait is over. Our modern garage door designs will put the finishing touch on your modern dwelling and create a cohesive exterior look for perhaps the first time since the home was built.

Don’t rummage through the worn out displays at the home improvement centre when it’s time to shop for your new garage door. Give us a call instead and find out how our thoroughly modern garage doors can complete the look of your house while simultaneously increasing its value.