A smooth garage door is one that eschews the stiles and rails of traditional design and looks to the modern architectural masterpieces for inspiration. Those homes, office buildings, museums and more embrace an uncluttered, sleek appearance characterized by clean lines, lustrous surfaces and contemporary materials. The garage door you purchase from Centauri will be an exquisitely tasteful addition to your home. One that provides unprecedented curb appeal and significantly enhanced market value.

Creating a More Beautiful Home with a Smooth Garage Door

Smooth Garage DoorsStiles and rails have their place – certainly if you own a 100 year old Victorian you’re probably going to want to stick with traditional design motifs for your garage door – but when it came to designing our new line of doors we decide to go flush. A smooth, flush-style garage door will allow the other elements of your home’s exterior to shine while at the same time holding its own as a design component. Here are but a few of the benefits of installing a garage door from Centauri on your home:

  • Adaptability: Our smooth doors feature a full range of colours, sizing options and finishes that will adapt to any architectural style.
  • Affordability: A smooth glass garage door from Centauri will provide a handsome ROI, require almost no maintenance but for the occasional cleaning of the glass and last longer than wood.
  • Safety: Our glass garage doors are a created using impact resistant tempered glass that will stand up to just about anything the driveway or garage will throw at it.
  • Beauty: There’s nothing contrived or forced about the beauty of a smooth garage door from Centauri. You won’t have to squint to appreciate their clean, modern appearance.
  • Quality design, quality parts: A garage door is only as good as the parts that make it go and our doors come with only the highest quality rollers, tracks, hinges, pulleys and openers so that you can you can rest assured they’ll stand the test of time.
  • Colours: We offer an array of carefully chosen or formulated colours for our garage doors including Burnished Slate, Dark Green and traditional White. We also offer more than 500 custom colours and unique Centauri colours like Copper and Metallic.

If you’re looking for the perfect garage door to compliment your contemporary home look no further than the full line of stunning flush-style modern garage doors from Centauri. You’ll be glad you did.